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您好, 关于近期网上热传“未经批准不得自建或租用VPN”的通知,原政策文件标题为《工业和信息化部关于清理规范互联网网络接入服务市场的通知》。 此文件目标任务主要为依法查处互联网数据中心(IDC)业务、互联网接入服务(ISP)业务和内容分发网络(CDN)业务市场存在的无证经营、超范围经营、“层层转租”等违法行为,切实落实企业主体责任,加强经营许可和接入资源的管理,强化网络信息安全管理,维护公平有序的市场秩序,促进行业健康发展。 综上所述,此次发布的政策文件主要为规范国内基础电信企业、互联网网络接入服务企业的业务。故此,此次工信部发布的文件通知不影响各位用户的服务正常使用。 Safetunnel team 2017-02-23

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 !!!

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and your family, good health, happiness and prosperity in upcoming year. We have prepared a small present to all of you, we are announcing 20% discount for all Safetunnel subscriptions, the promotion

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New VPN server in Italy

We are testing new server in Italy. It is a long waiting location for many users. We are working hard to increase number of locations and servers all around the world. Let us know if you face any problems or

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What happened in Turkey two days prior to Twitter blocking?

Most of us cannot imagine their lives without Twitter. Not only does it help in remaining connected to the people we love, but it also makes the perfect environment for following the individuals we admire or to boost our businesses.

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China appreciates technology but not so much Internet

Well, of course, this is the idea of the Chinese government, who instituted censorship on the Internet connections within the country’s territory. If you would ask the people in the country, they probably won’t be too happy about this aspect.

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Safetunnel VPN Speed Test From China!

Thanks to speed results provided by the User Zhang Yun!   USA-california VPN Gigabit: YouTube Video Test – US VPN Test: Singapore VPN Gigabit :   NETHERLANDS VPN Gigabit:   France VPN Gigabit: Japan VPN Gigabit:   Romania VPN Gigabit: Hong Kong VPN Gigabit:     Sign

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50% Discounts for Christmas and New Year!

Hi everyone, Christmas and New Year are only several days away. Therefore, has come that time of the year when to give and receive is a blessing. We would like to share with all of you some of the magic

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Safetunnel App available for Android!

    Hi everyone, After couple months of hard work, we are pleased to announce the launch of Safetunnel application for Android. Now is much easier and simpler to use Safetunnel on Android. The application comes with features like: Simply connect and disconnect

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Happy New Year!

  Hi everyone, For these holidays we prepared a 25% discount on all packages. Just type the code “Happy2014” in the indicated area when buying Premium VPN and apply the code before checking out. Is that simple to get the discount! The

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12 months with Safetunnel

Hey everyone, It was like yesterday when the first client registered to Safetunnel and now already 1 Year got away. We want to thank to all our users that are using Safetunnel and actually there are over 239978 thousands of “thanks”

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