Privacy Policy

The way Safetunnel is using Collected Data From Safetunnel VPN Sessions:

This data is preserved for usage with billing, troubleshooting, service offering evaluation, TOS issues, AUP concerns, and for managing violation achieved over the service. We keep this information on a per-session base for 3 days.

What Safetunnel Does Collect From Safetunnel VPN Sessions:

From the VPN sessions Safetunnel collect info regarding:

  • VPN server you connected to
  • IP address you connected from
  • Session start time
  • Session end time
  • Email address provided upon registration

All the info is kept for 3 days then automatically deleted.

How Safetunnel Responds To Civil and Criminal Investigations:

Safetunnel will not provide any personal data to third parties. As an exception to this rule is the case of a subpoena, a court order or complains from Moldovan official authorities regarding a criminal or/and civil investigation. In such cases Safetunnel will collaborate with authorities.

What Safetunnel Collects From

Safetunnel gathers individually particular information from end users just in case of voluntary web form submissions, firstly with a objective of having the authorization for purchasing services and having support and other discussions. Safetunnel is using web analytics software to track, generally, the number of unique views received by the pages of the web site, the domains from which users come with many other analytical data points, that not affects users privacy.

Throughout the usage of web analytics software, the Safetunnel website may use “cookies” to monitor the way users use our website. A cookie is a part of data that the web server stores on the browser’s PC which the web browser will then send back to the web server on any further requests; to speed the recognition of the user they should revised the website. In such a way is not particular identifiable, it may be connected with personally identifiable information that users voluntarily provide to us through our web site.

How Safetunnel Uses Information Collected From

Safetunnel might make use information assembled throughout our Web site to get in touch with customers regarding changes in the service offered by Safetunnel, promotions and other info we might consider important for you. We do not give a customer’s personal identifiable information to affiliates, business partners, contractors or outside interested people for marketing aim or others. We keep your information private.

Personal character information needed upon request:

Safetunnel could request proofs of official issued document (card ID, driver license, etc.) in cases when we suspect an illegality when ordering our product or when a purchase was made from a high risk country. This information will be handled by our staff and will stay private. The refuse to comply with these rule, when asked, might lead to service termination at Safetunnel if otherwise not agreed between parties.

Safetunnel reserves the right to revise the policies at any time without a prior notification.

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